Microsoft Build event bannerDevs have an important role in organisations. They build the innovative and secure apps that help drive business goals. With their help and expertise, it’s possible to streamline processes and identify ways to improve customer experiences with the help of technology like AI-driven chatbots and machine learning to predict product preferences. That’s why it’s important for you to work with your dev team to support them with time and resources that enable them to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in DevOps, and to connect and learn from others.

The best thing about events is seeing the community come together to talk, learn, and share knowledge. You know what else is great? Wearing your comfiest clothes, drinking tea or coffee from your favourite mug at home.

So what do you get when you combine the two? A free 48-hour digital event for developers where they can gain new skills, and learn about the latest technology trends that could deliver better outcomes for your business.

Most importantly, they will have a chance to chat with other devs from around the world and share experiences. This will help them continue their learning journey and gain valuable insight to other people’s experiences to build better apps now and in the future.

Held from May 19-20, our first ever digital Microsoft Build will enable your development teams to jump in and out of channels, join interactive sessions, talk to other developers, and get the answers they need to progress with their latest projects.

There’s so much going on in the 48 hours, but we have a preview of what you and your team can expect from Build and how it can help you drive business goals.

1.      5 talks to look out for

There’ll be lots of interesting sessions and talks on offer, but we’ve pulled out some highlights you can share with your dev team. They can learn about the latest cloud innovation on Azure with Scott Guthrie, explore the modern dev toolkit with Scott Hanselman, and hear from Satya Nadella on the importance of devs.

Take a look at our dev blog to get the low-down.

2.      Gain new skills

It’s important for your team to keep their knowledge fresh and to learn new skills that will help make them better developers. Make it a team goal to leave Build with a new skill, or a learning pathway to one.

Encourage your team to join talks, Q&As, and interactive sessions on building new tools and using Microsoft technologies to improve their DevOps toolkit. They can then use these new skills to build new capabilities to really drive business goals.

Employees could also earn a free Microsoft Certification test voucher and a chance to win prizes by completing some online learning modules on Microsoft Learn.

3.      Learn about the latest trends

Think of Build as a Parisian runway – but for technology. The growth of data science and machine learning is bringing new tech that is changing DevOps. Kevin Scott talks about some of the emerging trends that are reshaping software development.

Inspire your team by getting them involved in in-depth sessions on new tools and processes that will further drive your business values.

4.      Get creative

We get our best ideas when we’re surrounded by creativity. And there’s no better place than Build. When you or your devs hear of new tools or learn a new skill, it could spark a new idea. Live sessions with other devs will get the creative juices flowing.

You could go completely off script by encouraging your team to join our film festival. Not only will it spark creativity in a different way, but it will also get your team working together in new and fun ways, driving collaboration and building strength.

So get your team’s Steven Spielberg on and make a dev-version of Indiana Jones, a space odyssey with your team’s pets, or whatever else you and your team can think of.

5.      Get expert guidance

If your devs have a specific question, or need some help with a particular Microsoft technology, they can go one-to-one with our engineers in specially crafted sessions.

6.      Join your community

At the end of the day, Build isn’t Build without our amazing community of developers. Your team can connect with other devs from around the world in our sessions or social hours. Share tips, get knowledge, and gain new friends.

And it doesn’t stop after Build is over. Our community will keep the conversation and knowledge sharing going. There might even find a new solution shared that you could use to improve something in your business.


Sound pretty amazing, right? Luckily, you don’t have to miss out. Build is for you as well as your dev team. It’s a great chance for you to gain valuable insight into what’s coming, and how you can use new and existing technology in inventive ways to really drive your business goals.

We can’t wait for everyone to get together and share knowledge so we can all innovate for the challenges of tomorrow.

Join us for the 48-hour digital experience, at no cost, May 19-20.

Microsoft Build event banner

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