It’s holiday season 2020, and that can only mean one thing. Put down your phone. Turn off your fourth Christmas film of the day. Put on your paper hat and get out the nibbles. It’s quiz time!

For the first time ever, we’ve created a ready-to-download, easy to use PowerPoint holiday quiz template. It’s a super easy way to create your very own quizzes to play with your family and friends – whether you can be with them in person this year, or you’re Skyping in from afar.

This year, most of us have spent a good few evenings battling it out with co-workers and loved ones in online quizzes. It’s been the way we’ve been able to hang out with the people closest to us, near or far.

If you’ve ever felt the pressure of being quiz master, you’ll know that it’s a lot of work to prepare one. And at this time of year, you’ve got presents to wrap, a turkey to baste and tinsel to… tinsel. So you probably need a shortcut when it comes to the entertainment.

Or maybe you’re the designated quiz master for your work online Christmas party, and you’ve discovered that with great power comes great time-consuming responsibility.

Rather than spend an entire evening angrily re-sizing fonts, finding wintery background images in the depths of the internet, take it easy. You can easily download our template, fill in the blank text boxes with your own questions and get going.

There’s a space to include an introduction, round titles and even a slide for an introduction so as quiz master, you can get serious about the rules. To get you started, we’ll even share a few round ideas we’ve already tried and tested in our quizzes:

  1. Finish the holiday lyrics
  2. Holiday movie trivia
  3. 12 days of Christmas
  4. Holiday traditions around the world
  5. Name the Christmas food

Best of all, it’s easy to play with those people who we can’t be with in person. Just share your PowerPoint screen on Skype.

It really is as easy as that. A holiday quiz PowerPoint template at your fingertips. Now if only presenting at work was this easy.