Students equipped to unlock their learning potential with the latest Windows devices

Students in front of laptops in a classroom.

Empower your students with modern Windows 10 devices from leading PC manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Lenovo. It not only equips students with the skills for the future but also helps them increase their learning potential. However, when you have budgets to stick to, it can be hard to ensure all students have 1:1 access to these devices.

The Parental Contribution Programme by Freedom Tech helps schools realise their student’s digital potential in a cost neutral way, by passing the costs onto parents.

This programme enables all students to have access to the same modern devices. It aims to be as inclusive as possible with no credit checks for parents. And with an optional payment plan, the costs can be spread over time. Best of all, it includes GAP, Extended Warranty and Accident Damage & Theft cover for the duration of the programme. This ensures the programme stays cost effective to parents who get to keep the devices at the end of the payment period.

Students can increase their learning potential with 24/7 access to a modern learning device. This means they can keep learning outside of the classroom, arming them with the right tools for an ever-evolving technical world and inspiring a new generation of workplace ready whizz-kids. As part of the programme, students get Microsoft Specialists vouchers to further their digital skill set.

For schools, this programme means there is no extra costs that supplying devices would have. Plus, you have IT admin access on the devices which helps you ensure the devices are secure and compliant.

Perins School giving students the opportunity to develop

Perins School is an academy in Alresford for 11 to 16-year-olds. They are committed to providing a rich and educational experience. Their focus is on ensuring every student has the opportunity to progress and develop at their own pace. Therefore, they decided to become a 1:1 school.

Caroline Cleaver, IT administrator explains their journey with Freedom Technology: “Freedom Tech genuinely collaborate with Perins. They are happy to attend our parents evening to ensure that parents and guardians were fully informed about the programme and how to use the portal. They are fully involved in all aspects of the programme. Not every school will have someone like me who is an internal point of contact for the programme. Freedom Tech can help all schools put in place a programme that runs in an efficient and compliant way – regardless of what internal resources they have.”

Students not only use the devices to increase their digital skills. Perins School use it as an opportunity for them to develop accountability and responsibility over their devices.

“We position it to pupils that this is a learning tool which needs respecting and looking after. We set out the school’s expectation that devices need to be brought into school every day, fully charged. When it breaks, they need to bring it in for a repair straight away,” Caroline says.

Perins School’s ability to evolve the programme each year to ensure they best meet the needs of their students has meant that parental take up of the programme was 100 percent for the September 2018 intake.

“We were one of the first schools to run it as a donation model. Many other schools run this type of programme in a more in a traditional payment model, but we are steadfast on making sure that our programme is fully inclusive for all of our pupils,” says Caroline.

Ribblesdale School committing to futureproofing students

Ribblesdale School is a community-focussed school in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Their aim is to equip students with the skills, knowledge and resilience to be successful in adult life in the 21st Century, which lead them to take part in a 1:1 scheme. In fact, their first year of a parental contribution programme saw an 80 percent uptake of parents taking part.

“You only have to take a good look around our school to see, it’s not all flashing lights and technology. We must operate a blended learning approach to do right by our young people and their respective futures. Religious Education and English lessons have been able to use Minecraft Education Edition to cement the learning and drive interaction and engagement in lots of interesting and exciting ways.”*

Paul Edge, Deputy Head Teacher.

Teachers are the key to helping students reach their digital potential. By having modern devices, teachers have access to collaboration tools such as Teams and OneNote. The IT department at Ribblesdale School help set up OneNote and Teams sites to help drive uptake. They also showed teachers how these tools would make the classroom more inclusive and empowering for students.

“We overcame this by challenging our teachers to think creatively about how such functionality could be used through a curriculum lens and how it might empower all students to find their voice through an inclusion lens,” says Paul. “We’re not radical. We just use the tools effectively.”

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* Minecraft: Education Edition offers an engaging platform for computer science education, with features designed to help students learn to code, and apply coding across STEM subjects. This flexible curriculum based on CSTA standards is now available for educators to teach foundational Computer Science concepts and help students build computational thinking skills.