By now, you’ve probably seen the John Lewis advert with a pair of my species-mates bouncing about carefree on a backyard trampoline. Whilst one may assume that it’s a life of slyness and leisure for all of us, I’d like to set the record straight: it’s hard work being a fox. I’ve got quarterly prey quotas to hit, and I need to keep track of my food cache (which someone seems to keep clearing). I’ve got to stay one step ahead of those red-blazered folks on horseback, who really seem to have it in for me. Plus, my boss is a real badger. So as you can guess it’s in her nature to… well, badger me: where’s the reporting on den fortifications? Where’s the deck on our new vole hunting strategy? Are the beavers switching from a waterfall model to DevOps (dam engineers)?

To be honest, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, though, I’ve got a Surface Pro 4; you can watch me at work right here:

Here are just a few reasons why Surface is fantastic for a busy fox like me. First, it keeps me ahead of the pack. At just 876g, my Surface Pro 4 is so light and portable, it won’t weigh me down if I have to make a quick getaway from a pack of hungry hounds. In terms of speed and security, with Windows Hello, my Surface Book quickly recognises my smiling face to log me in. When it comes to performance, the Intel Core i7 processor is powerful enough to manage everything from analysing huge data sets (like those den fortification reports my boss keeps asking me for) to processing the advanced engineering workloads that team beaver might chuck at me.

It’s not just the device itself that makes a Surface work for me, it’s also the accessories. From the Surface Pen with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity to the productive and protective removable Type Cover, my Surface Pro 4 has all the kit to make me more productive. And because it comes standard with Windows 10, the best enterprise version of Windows ever, it’s got enterprise security built-in. So whether you’re a lone wolf…erm, fox, or need something that works as part of your larger skulk (that’s fox for group), a Surface device can make enterprise deployment and integration a breeze.

If you want to grab a Surface for your own den or office, visit the Surface Store to find the Surface that’s right for you.

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