How to access free resources and encourage collaboration 

One of the most difficult parts of an educator’s job is staying on top of all of the preparation required in each and every lesson taught. The pressures on educators to not only help learners achieve fantastic results but to make those lessons relevant, purposeful and to stay on top of curriculum developments and other Read more

Get your creative curriculum on 

We often hear about how we as educators are preparing our learners for an uncertain future and for jobs that haven’t been created yet. Whilst we might be asked to ensure we have a broad and balanced curriculum, schools are being squeezed tighter and tighter, often in ways which results in a narrowing of the Read more

Ease of Deployment and set-up of classroom laptops 

Faith can be a really powerful thing. I have faith in lots of things such as the brakes in my car working. That faith doesn’t happen automatically though. Faith in these things is built up over time which leads to us having the confidence to use them without having to think too much about them. Read more

Creating a future of wholesome school leaders 

Tom Rees is the Executive Headteacher of Simon de Senlis Primary School and works across eleven primary schools as the Education Director of Northampton Primary Academy Trust. He’s been a leader in schools for around 17 years across different contexts, counties and countries. Between Headships, he also spent time in the education technology sector working Read more

Affordability of devices 

One of the most difficult things a school has to focus on is achieving value for money for its learners. In these times of shrinking budgets, the largest slice of your budget will always be the salaries of your staff. Additionally, whether you are an independent or state school regardless of whether you are a Read more

Lift off this coming academic year with superb training free from Microsoft 

Imagine if you went to the doctor with an ailment and they told you that they hadn’t had their knowledge about medicine and their skills updated since they left university. You’d be horrified, right? Continuing professional development is key to ensuring that all professionals are able to make the most of cutting-edge research, knowledge and Read more

Cultivating collaborations with learner communities in Teams 

As a Learning Technologist, I work closely with our Faculty of Health and Wellbeing as digital learning lead, to effectively embed technology into learning and teaching practice. I am passionate about my work and find the collaboration between academic colleagues and technologists to be particularly rewarding. I became an MIE Expert last August after becoming Read more

Never mind budget, imagination is all you need! 

Which lessons do you remember from your time at school? How about the one where you made a rocket out of a plastic bottle? Or the one where you used crayons and paper to reveal the patterns on tree bark? What about the one where you walked along your local river, measuring pebbles for erosion Read more