Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources

A photo of Martynas Valkunas next to the text "Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources"

Hello Dear Readers! I would like to introduce a new LinkedIn Learning training video course about Azure Security Center I have been working on.

Everybody knows that IT security is important, but the word “security” is very broad and most of us don’t know where to start. Plus, with workloads increasingly moving to the cloud, it can become even more confusing. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure Security Center was designed to help you monitor security across hybrid cloud workflows, as well as detect and react quickly to threats.

By going though this course you will deepen your understanding of how Microsoft Azure Security Center can help you keep your cloud resources safe from attackers, and you’ll be able to apply the security configuration to all of your Azure estate. You will learn how to use different features and services, like vulnerability assessments and risks, Azure policies, database security, advanced cloud defence and much more, as well as deep dive demos and best practices.

Below are the main topics that you will learn about on this journey:

  • Azure Security Center and how it works
  • Prerequisites to on-board Azure Security Center to your cloud estate
  • Azure Policy and compliance
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Threat alerts
  • SQL resource protection
  • Data and storage protection
  • Network protection
  • VM protection
  • Identity protection
  • Adaptive application controls
  • Just-in-Time VM access
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Threat intelligence and detection
  • Best practices to secure data, SQL, network, identity and IaaS

This training course is suitable for system administrators, IT professionals and anyone who is interested in learning about cutting edge cloud technologies. Plus, if you are new to working with the cloud, it will give you insights into where to start and how to use the right tools to protect your (hybrid) cloud estate.

The course is available on LinkedIn Learning and on

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