Catch up with Build’s on-demand sessions

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This year’s digital edition of Microsoft Build has now wrapped up, but don’t worry if you missed it! The high-quality sessions and keynotes from across the two days are available to watch on-demand from the following locations:

There were hundreds of sessions on a variety of different topics, so you should absolutely have a look through them via the Build session catalogue. If you’re unsure what to get started with, here are a few suggestions:



Building a DevOps Culture in a Remote World

This talk outlines how to design your organisations culture by reducing silos, embracing failure, collaborating, accepting feedback, and automating processes when appropriate — all of which is fundamental to your DevOps success.


DevOps with Azure, GitHub, and Azure DevOps

Join this session to learn the latest announcements on DevOps with Azure using GitHub and Azure DevOps directly from product leadership, learn about what the upcoming roadmap is and how to optimise your pipelines to get the maximum flow of value to your customers.


Navigating the DevOps Landscape

With countless options for deploying and managing your deployments, it can be hard to decide on a DevOps direction and toolset. We discuss what’s available and answer your questions.


Data science and machine learning

Supercharge your data science workflow with Python and Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code offers many great features for Data Scientists and Python developers alike. Explore and experiment on your data using the flexibility of Jupyter Notebooks combined with the power and productivity of VS Code. Then turn your experimental code into production code with the help of the Azure Machine Learning extension, through hyperparameter tuning and deploying your models. Learn how to supercharge your data science and machine learning workflow with VS Code, the Python extension and the Azure ML extension.


Increase Data Science efficiency, security and privacy using MLOps in Azure Machine Learning

MLOps (of DevOps for Machine Learning) is all about accelerating the machine learning lifecycle in a secure and trusted way. Get to production faster, with optimised experiences for reproducible model training, packaging, validation, deployment and monitoring. See in action how to use MLOps to store, version and track ML assets and collect continuous feedback on model behaviour. Understand how to leverage multi-factor authentication, role-based authorisation, data encryption, VNETs, and other security and privacy best practices. Learn how to maintain quality models and deliver real business value and customer impact.


Azure Machine Learning in Action!

Community Connections experience – What is Machine Learning (ML) and who needs it? ML is making sense of data. So if you have data you want to understand, ML is for you. If you want to build data-driven apps, then Azure ML is for you. Join us for a practical session on ML!


Expert Q&A: Cloud AI and Machine Learning

Community Connections experience – Interested in Cloud AI and Machine Learning? Meet the team and discuss AI Solution Design, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Azure Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services.


Building better, more secure customer experiences

Azure Security Center for Developers

Hear from the Microsoft Security engineering team about how Azure security center can be leveraged by developers to make their apps more secure.


Building scalable and secure applications with Azure Cosmos DB

Join us for a demo-heavy session to discover what’s new in Azure Cosmos DB! We’ll share the latest features and tools helping you build applications that scale seamlessly and offer the strongest security.


Build and Secure Serverless APIs

Serverless changes the way we build and develop modern web applications. Join this panel discussion to learn best practices from community leaders.


The time is now to build end-to-end security into your IoT devices

It has never been more essential for organisations to secure mission-critical devices as malicious actors adopt new strategies to exploit vulnerabilities in organisations’ infrastructure. Taking steps now can help protect data, privacy, physical safety, and infrastructure – especially as we see an uptick in phishing attacks in today’s climate. Learn more about the developer tools available to increase productivity and reduce time to market for Azure Sphere devices.


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