Remotely Managing and Governing Hybrid Servers with Azure Arc

The Azure logo, with a drawing of Bit the Raccoon looking up at it.

Remote work conducted by IT Professionals has increased in recent years due to cloud adoption. Managing cloud resources remotely are as easy as opening Azure Portal from almost any browser, and managing on-premises deployments can be just as easy via Remote Server Administration Tools. While both solutions work well, they only provide resource reporting on each separate implementation. In a world where hybrid infrastructure deployments are increasingly becoming the norm, reporting on resources separately just won’t cut it.

Enter Microsoft’s offering of Azure Arc and it’s ability to not only manage over hybrid deployments, but govern over them as well. This includes both Windows and Linux machines hosted on Azure, on-premises and even at another cloud provider. Each machine is treated as a resource within Azure Arc and is managed as a part of a group inside a subscription which can also adopt assigned governance policies, and all this can be managed from a single pain of glass from almost anywhere with only the Azure Connected Machine agent needed to be installed.

Fellow team member, Thomas Maurer, wrote a great post entitled How to Manage and Govern Hybrid Servers with Azure Arc as a great starter. His post details how you can remotely manage and govern servers with Azure Arc by using Azure Guest Configuration Policy.


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