It’s up to you to lead the hybrid future: New Hybrid certification arrives this December

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Hello Folks,

There have been many questions regarding the lack of updated Microsoft Windows certification exams in the last year or so. Considering the fact that there are approximately 2.2 million professionals on LinkedIn with Windows Server in their job role description and 800 thousand professionals that certified on Windows Server since 2012, we knew we had to do something. And did we ever!

Windows Server Summit, it was announced that we will have a new Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification, releasing early December 2021.

Orin Thomas led the initiative to give IT Pros focusing on an on-premises environment a reason to be excited, as this new certification will validate the skills of administrators working in hybrid environments. Hybrid is the reality for many organisations that are building new cloud-native applications, while still supporting current on-premises applications. We know that Windows Server administrators help organisations successfully make the most of these environments.


You can start preparing now for the upcoming beta exams

Even though these exams will be released in December 2021, you can start preparing for them now:

Be a leader in the hybrid future

Start learning about the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification today and signal that you have what it takes to manage and deploy infrastructure and apps in the new hybrid future.



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