An exciting few weeks for IT Pro announcements!

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We’ve had an exciting few weeks with several significant events across the technical community and the Microsoft ecosystem. These events all had multiple feature announcements and crossed referenced technologies to align usability and productivity, and there has been a lot of excitement throughout the technical communities.

We had GitHub Universe at the end of October, which announced new tools to enhance productivity across IT teams. The event also introduced new and highly anticipated enterprise tooling that provides organisations with enhanced security and compliance requirements.

Just after Ignite was .NET Conf 2021, which didn’t focus on just application development, they were able to line up new feature releases in .NET 6 with the product releases announced at Ignite 2021, enhancing immediate support for the technical community.

The event that we look forward to each year, Microsoft Ignite, took place in early November, and there was an immense amount of product announcements!

Below is a list of some of the key announcements that targeted the IT Pro community:

You can check out all the updates via the Microsoft Ignite Book of News.

PowerShell is also turning 15 years old! Check out the Ask the Experts session with the PowerShell product group and community MVPs.

During the Ignite keynote, Satya stated: “The Microsoft cloud offers the best integration across the entirety of the tech stack while offering openness at every layer … The Microsoft cloud helps orchestrate all of your heterogeneous digital investments across every layer of the tech stack.”

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