Learning Azure Hybrid Cloud skills with Learn Live on Microsoft Learn TV

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Join the Learn Live Azure Hybrid Cloud Study Hall on Microsoft Learn TV!

At Microsoft we strongly believe that Hybrid Cloud is an important concept for our customers and partners. When it comes to our Azure Hybrid Cloud offerings, we are not just offering a one size fits all solution, we are offering a set of different services and solutions that our customers can leverage depending on their needs. We offer a whole range of solutions, including Azure Stack Hub, Azure Arc, Azure Stack HCI and many more.

To learn more, you can join us for the new Azure Hybrid Study Hall series. This fourteen-part weekly series will answer your questions live, walk through how to configure, deploy, manage your hybrid cloud resources using services and hybrid cloud technologies, and walk through Microsoft Learn modules focused on Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI.

You will learn how you can manage your on-premises, edge and multi-cloud resources, and how you can deploy Azure services anywhere with Azure Arc and Azure Stack.

The series will kick off on April 14th and will have two new episodes every Thursday. Join us then!

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