Get an at-a-glance view of OneDrive Sync across your organisation

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Microsoft recently announced the public preview of OneDrive Sync Admin Reports in Microsoft 365 Apps admin center, providing more visibility into who within an organisation is running the OneDrive Sync client and any errors they might be experiencing. These insights into what’s happening with OneDrive Sync can proactively enable IT departments to reach out and educate people to resolve common issues and improve the end user experience.

When someone in your organisation reports a problem syncing files to OneDrive, the problem can be investigated quickly and without having to ask for additional details. Having these insights into sync errors hastens the response to requests for help and allows us to be more proactive in driving down the occurrence of common sync errors. All of this is provided via the OneDrive Sync health dashboard, which offers an executive summary of what’s going on with OneDrive Sync in your organisation.

OneDrive Sync Admin Reports is offered in Microsoft 365, is currently in public preview and currently only supports Windows machines. Setup and management documentation is also available.

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