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Our business has only one constant; Change.


There might be one thing that has not changed for IT Pros and operation folks, and that’s the need for an appropriate backup strategy.  Today, in this world of fast innovation and ever faster iteration, we need to be flexible and nimble when it comes to protecting assets and data for accidental or malicious events. More than that, we are also facing a new set of challenges in the management of our respective environments:

  • Exponential data growth
  • Data sources sprawl
  • Maintaining ever-growing databases
  • Keeping everything in compliance with current regulations.

The Azure Backup Center team has come up with tools and processes to address these challenges; How to discover and protect your workloads, how to monitor and operate your backup environment and how to ensure that your environment complies with policies of your design.

You can find a series of articles and videos covering all the ins and out of Azure Backup Center.

The best thing we can do for our businesses, is to be prepared and ready. Are you?

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