Transition to clean

Keep people, products and the world moving, while realising reductions in carbon emissions and using data and AI to intelligently fulfil demand with new renewable energy sources. Explore energy transformation technologies from Microsoft.

Respond to consumer demand for renewable energy

Learn about energy transformation with Microsoft technologies for sustainable energy

Shape energy demand with a smarter grid

Make the grid smarter. Agder Energi uses the data from millions of sensors, and interacts with customers with rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles, to operate the grid in a whole new way.

Keep green energy flowing with predictive maintenance

Equipped with thousands of sensors, wind turbines produce vast quantities of data that Ørsted can analyse and optimise to help reduce computations needed for design simulations predict maintenance needs.

Use predictive analytics to improve uptime of windmills

juwi uses predictive analytics to identify major plant failures before they occur, so it can buy parts, schedule maintenance and implement maintenance at a lower cost – reducing customers’ costs dramatically.

Power the journey towards a sustainable future with the Microsoft cloud

Enefit, the leading energy service provider and renewable energy producer in the Baltics, is powering its clean energy transition with Azure IoT, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

BP embraces digital transformation and the cloud

Using AI for operational advances like predictive maintenance and gaining business insights from data, BP stays at the leading edge of technology to drive business and meet safety and sustainability goals.

Explore solutions powering the transformation to sustainable energy

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