4 types of productivity apps every entrepreneur needs

Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking that edge: how can they become even more productive? To discover the top productivity apps, I drew on my own experience as an entrepreneur of 12 years and also surveyed successful colleagues to learn about their favourites types of productivity apps. Here are four you should consider using.

To-do list apps

One of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurial life is the extreme variety: you’re often juggling multiple projects, and no day is the same. That’s why many of my colleagues love apps that track your to-do list and allow you to organise and prioritise everything you’re working on. These apps can help make an overwhelming cluster of tasks feel more manageable.

Shared mobile calendar apps

Scheduling is another frequent issue for entrepreneurs. Meetings are the lifeblood of our business, but back-and-forth about timing will quickly drive you insane. Instead, you can use a shared mobile calendar that enables you to see when your colleagues are free, so you can easily suggest times you know will work.

Scanner apps 

Many entrepreneurs are, like me, drowning in receipts and business cards, especially after business travel. Scanning apps enable you to use your phone as a scanner, turning your documents or receipts into high-quality PDFs or JPEGs. I also use this frequently when I have to sign contracts while I’m on the road.

Online communication apps

Given today’s busy travel schedules, it’d be a major hindrance if you had to schedule every call or meeting only when you were in the office. That’s why apps like Skype, which allow you to connect while you’re on the road, are invaluable. 

Instead of rescheduling a coaching call due to a last-minute trip last week, I recently had a live video session with my client from my hotel in Dallas. Similarly, I’ve conducted meetings from airports, cafes, and more – all you need is some headphones to ensure proper sound quality in case of distracting background noises.

Business life is getting more frenetic all the time. Our attention is frequently pulled in multiple directions at once, we’re fending off requests for our time, and we need to accomplish important tasks when we’re on the road. The types of productivity applications listed above allow entrepreneurs to achieve what needs to be done, smoothly and efficiently.

Discover more productivity hacks to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

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