Creative AI: Artificial Intelligence And Human Creativity

Artificial intelligence and creativity. It seems like these are polar opposites.

On the one hand, you have creativity, which seems to be about humans thinking outside the box to come up with original ideas.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence (AI) is generated by machines. How can that contribute to creativity?

AI is designed for machines to think like humans, but also to go beyond human capability to find insights that humans can’t, especially when it comes to complex problems or finding insights in massive amounts of data.

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. That’s why Microsoft is investing in intelligent services using machine learning in Microsoft 365, helping people be more creative at their jobs and reach beyond the boundaries of normal human thinking and capacity.

Not all creativity comes from 100% brand new ideas. Much of creativity comes from building on the work and expertise of others, from seeing new angles or finding ways that existing products or services can be applied to help solve new problems. Personalized search surfaces personalized content to you based on what you’re working on and who you are working with. So, if you are designing a new product, you can be presented with designs of similar products, even those that you hadn’t thought about before. According to Deborah Youmans, Senior Manager of Collaboration Development at Booz Allen, MyAnalytics is one of the Microsoft 365 tools that “make it easy for our employees to reach into the firm and bring all our intellectual resources to bear on finding creative ways to solve problems.”

After you’ve tapped into the collective knowledge of the organization, one of the biggest barriers to the creative process is getting past the blank canvas and effectively communicating your idea. With QuickStarter in PowerPoint and Sway, you can create carefully curated outlines for any topic, including recommendations on information to include, categories to consider, and associated images. Instead of spinning your creative wheels for hours, QuickStarter provides a solid starting point with ideas and options to build a compelling and creative presentation.

Many more intelligent services in Microsoft 365 can help you unlock creativity. Cortana in Windows 10 uses intelligence to help you manage your day more effectively, so you have the time to be more creative at your work. You can also use other intelligent capabilities like Microsoft Analytics to uncover insights by visualizing information in new ways.

For more information on how Microsoft 365 can unlock your creative potential with Microsoft 365.

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