Tesira DSP

Tesira DSP & Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2


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Powerful signal processing

The TesiraFORTÉ VT digital signal processor delivers crystal-clear, echo-free audio for your conference calls.

Beam forming microphone array

Thanks to the TeamConnect Ceiling 2's automatic dynamic beamforming technology, meeting participants will now experience meetings that are as flexible as they are. A single ceiling microphone captures the voice of the speaker easily within a radius of up to 60 square meters, no matter if the speaker sits, stands or moves around in the room.

Discrete installation

Choosing a professional grade solution also means keeping unnecessary equipment out of sight. The signal processor can be mounted in a rack or credenza, and the TeamConnect ceiling microphones keep table surfaces free of wires and equipment.

Flexible extension

Tesira EX-UBT gives you the ability to conveniently extend USB audio connectivity wherever it is needed in your room or equipment location.

A complete audio expansion package

In addition to the DSP and ceiling mic array, this kit includes (4) ceiling speakers, an amplifier, PoE network switch and other miscellaneous items for an end to end solution you can add to a Microsoft Teams Room. A half-day remote deployment support package is included to help you get started.