Unite your workforce

Baby boomers and millennials. The team in Paris and the guys in New York. The doodlers and the put-it-togethers. What's the trick to bringing together the different strengths of your team so they can do great things? You'll find the answer in this e-book.

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Surface Book

Surface for everyone

Your people are all different. So why give them the same devices? Use this interactive infographic to build your team and learn how each Surface can work for them - however they get things done.

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Surface Book Corner Surface Book
Surface Book

Do more with your day

How much more would you achieve if your people could stay connected from breakfast to bedtime? See how one team started the day with an opportunity and ended it with an idea, ready to roll out.

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Surface Laptop

Find your device

If you're not sure where to begin on your Surface journey, this infographic can help. Answer a few simple questions and discover which device is best for your team get started with.

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Empower all your people with Teams

Empower all your people with Teams

For the first time ever, we have five generations in our workforce. Discover how to get everyone working better together - no matter who they are - using Microsoft Teams.

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The teamwork quiz

Part of a dream? Or just dreaming of a team? Find out how well your team is working.

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Connect generations

Do you know what your millennials and boomers really chat about at the water cooler? Find out and get your whole team on the same page.

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Make teamwork work

If your team was finding it hard to concentrate, share ideas, or connect with remote members, would you know? Join the discussion and make teamwork work for everyone.

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Collaboration: Make it Work

How can we work better together? That was the question on the minds of people at the Collaboration: Make it Work event. See what our experts had to say in videos of the discussions, keynotes and interviews from the day.

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Built for Teamwork

Bringing teamwork to life

Find out more about Office 365 | Teams | Surface Find out more about Office 365 | Teams | Surface