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Surface it

in financial services

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2.9m customers.
3000 brokers.
1 burning question.

How could the UK’s leading insurance premium finance company transform their working culture?

Tip #03

Mix it up. Try working with someone new. Or on your own. In a big group or a small one.

man using Surface Pen on a Microsoft Surface Pro

Taking better notes

The Surface Pen lets their employees make notes in meetings straight onto pdfs – which they can instantly share with One Note.

Premium Credit’s goal is to become a digital regulated financial services business.

Thanks to all their Microsoft devices working seamlessly together, this journey is happening at least twice as quickly.

“I was in London yesterday, working on the train seamlessly. Then I was in meetings working with our key client”

Charles Johnson,
E-Commerce Director

“The ability to work on the go is critical to me. There’s a massive difference in terms of what I can do, in what time. It’s had a really transformative effect in the way that I work.”

Charles Johnson,
E-Commerce Director

75% of businesses have not provided any formal training to encourage creativity.

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