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robotic welding machine in a metal manufacturing

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Designing an exquisite car starts with a single idea, but it requires a team to make it real.

Tip #11

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Some ideas may seem impractical or a bit weird, but make a note of them. They may answer a different problem you haven’t come across yet.

Aston Martin logo

More productive =
more creative

From Microsoft 365 and One Drive, to Teams, ideas are free to flow seamlessly between people, devices and locations.

As Aston Martin Lagonda revs up production under a bold new plan for the next 100 years, sharing data and ideas within teams and across departments is even more important.

“The more we share ideas, the more we drive innovation and creativity.”

Simon Sproule
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Aston Martin Lagonda

Companies that foster creativity are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers in terms of revenue growth.

CAD render of an Aston Martin Lagonda headlight

“Innovation and creativity thrive when we can share our best practices and our enthusiasm.”

Sally Leathers
Chief Engineer for Electrical & Electronics at Aston Martin Lagonda

Close-up of Aston Martin Lagonda headlight

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