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A big challenge facing London’s biggest borough

How could Croydon Council deliver first class service for its citizens within ever-shrinking budgets?

Tip #18

Bring other people in. Someone else might have a particular skill or insight that builds on your original thought and makes it even better.

Arm and hand of Croydon Council employee in shirt holding a Microsoft Surface Pro
Croydon council logo

Saving time.
Saving trees.

Sharepoint allows employees to collaborate better online, saving them time and helping the Council move to being a paperless organisation.

For Croydon Council, the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency was to rollout Microsoft technology.

From Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, to Surface Pro for Business, see the huge difference our creative tools have made for their staff.

“This is just light years from where we were.”

Stephen Rowan,
Head of Democratic Services & Scrutiny

1 in 4 people believe the ability to work in locations other than the office would allow them to be more creative.

“Our staff are more mobile, more flexible… that’s improved people’s productivity and working life considerably.”

Jon Mellor
Enterprise Architect

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