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Firstline workers


Engaging your firstline workers

Firstline workers are the unsung heroes of UK’s workforce and the beating heart of many organisations. They are often the first to engage customers, the first to represent a company’s brand, and the first to see products and services in action. From the factory floor to the front of house they help drive sales, customer service, and profits. So why are they often the last to get access to the latest technology?

Give them the tools to be creative, to have new ideas, and to spark growth in your organisation. Keep them engaged and they’ll be the face of your brand.

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Why should you care about employee engagement?

There’s a link between your people and your bottom line. But once you know the facts, and you’ve got the strategy, how do you pick the tools to keep everyone engaged?

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The human side of digital transformation

Doing great work, together. That’s the side of digital transformation your people care about. It’s especially true for your firstline workers. See how you can put the human first in your strategy.

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The cost of disengagement

The reward for keeping your people engaged is a successful business. But what’s the cost of disengaged firstline workers? Learn why employee engagement is a task well worth the effort.

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The face of your business

Your firstline workers are the first thing your customers engage with when they choose your brand. See how you can give them the tools to deliver the best possible service.

Putting people first

Meet a company that’s done it. VCA migrated more than 25,000 employees in 1,000 locations to Office 365.
And it brought them all closer together. Watch the video case study to see how.

Know your firstline workers

Discover what they really want from your business.

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Strengthen the firstline

See what your people can achieve with the right tools.

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Boost their productivity

How to encourage your people to drive your business’ success.

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