Char Man
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When Eric and Cameron decide to create a “made up” documentary about the infamous Ojai Vampire, they enlist a cameraman from a ghost hunting show to film the experience and provide some insight into the process. Once in Ojai, it becomes apparent that none of them have any real plan on how to make the film, and there are not many details about the vampire in the first place. Things change when they visit Kent Bridewell, the local town historian. Kent quickly puts them on the trail to a different local legend: a tragic figure from the fire of 1948 known by locals as the Char Man. The trio decides to visit the very bridge where many have claimed to have seen the Char Man -- and where some have even vanished. After bizarre things begin to happen, the guys realize that they have disturbed something sinister. When they become stranded and must spend one more night in Ojai, catching the evidence on camera is not important anymore... surviving until morning is all that matters.

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Kurt Ela
Kipp Tribble


Indie Rights


English (CC)

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1 h 25 min




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