Defend Earth before it's too late! Join an epic sci-fi multiplayer experience!

Raise a powerful army to destroy your enemies! Massive variety of units and Elite Heroes await you. Join forces with other players and assemble a deadly alliance. Time to conquer real time faction wars!



What’s new in this version

Game Update 3.4 features a new World Map Event, 2 new PvP Infernal Alliance Events, the introduction of Tier 5 Beastmen units and an additional increase in levels for the Training Ground, Bestiary, Dungeon and Workshop. We've also included various quality of life improvements such as Warband presets and improvements to caches and loot tables. Full Patch Notes are now available in-game! Check them out!


  • Command a terrifying warband
  • Build a Chaos Fortress powerful enough to march on Altdorf
  • Attack your enemies for the glory of Chaos
  • Work together with trusted allies
  • Devote yourself to Chaos
  • Immerse yourself in the classic lore of Warhammer Fantasy