Improve the quality of healthcare and medical research

Microsoft is combining quantum computing, machine learning, and mixed reality to turn challenges of the past into solutions of the future.

Secure our data in a quantum future

Microsoft is building post-quantum cryptography solutions to ensure our data remains safe once quantum computers become mainstream in years to come.

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Tackle chemistry challenges with increased accuracy

Microsoft is using quantum computing to provide a better understanding of catalytic reactions, reducing the cost of industrial processes.

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Manage resources from various energy sources

Microsoft is developing new quantum-based solutions to address energy optimisation and other challenges where classical computers have serious limitations.

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Develop next generation financial modeling tools

Microsoft is exploring the ways that quantum-inspired algorithms will assist in the areas of risk management, financial services, and investing.

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Realising a quantum future

Get started with quantum development

Developed by industry experts, the Quantum Development Kit is your path to quantum development.

Request to join the Microsoft Quantum Network

A global community of individuals and organisations working together to advance quantum computing.

Read the latest news and blogs

Read about our partnerships, product releases, and other Microsoft Quantum news.

Explore research publications

Teams combine theoretical insights with experimental breakthroughs to develop both the hardware and the software that will enable quantum technology to fundamentally transform the face of computing.

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