Resilience is quickly finding new paths from new insights

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The Future of Business Resilience

Learn how companies across industries are using business data solutions to accelerate digital platforms and enable more people to work with business intelligence and share insights.

How customers are driving resilience

"The deployment of Microsoft Dynamics365 enabled EQ to move away from just focusing on the sales cycle.”

Daniel Leckey, Senior Business Dev Analyst, EQ

"The rapid deployment of Teams has allowed collaboration to happen in a much more stitched together way."

Lachlan Miles, MassMotion Product Director, Arup

“We’re going through around 700 percent growth month on month at the moment."

Mitul Sudra, CTO and co-founder, Openwrks

“Choosing Microsoft Relationship Sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator has made this possible.”

Anthony Pooley, Cust Relationship Mgr, Nationwide

"With Microsoft Azure Databricks, it gives us the ability to store year’s or even multiple years’ worth of supply and demand data."

Sooraj Soin, Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading

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