Auto Redeem is available to all Microsoft Rewards members in select countries*.

You can control Auto Redeem in the Rewards app on your Xbox One. You can sign up and cancel in the Auto Redeem section of the app. You must sign up or cancel no later than four days prior to the end of the month. Your election to auto redeem will remain in effect until you cancel.

You will receive your reward on or about the first day of each month.

If you don’t have enough points in your Microsoft Rewards account on the first day of the month, the Auto Redeem will not process. Your points will remain in your account, and you’ll stay signed up for auto redeem until you cancel.

Check the Rewards app on your Xbox One console to see which rewards are available for Auto Redeem.

Unfortunately, at this time, Give with Bing must be turned off to use Auto Redeem. If you have Give with Bing turned on during auto redeem signup, it will be turned off for you.

By setting up Auto Redeem, you will receive the best price available for £5 Xbox Gift Cards. Microsoft Rewards will no longer discount any Xbox Gift Cards with ‘Hot Deals’.

*Auto Redeem is available in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Brazil and Mexico at this time.