Microsoft Security Services for Incident Response

Receive highly specialized incident response and recovery services before, during, and after a cybersecurity crisis.

Highly specialized security crisis support

Work with this service to remove a bad actor from your environment, build resilience for future attacks, and mend defenses after a breach.

Global response

Rely on a complete investigative service that provides remote and on-site response and recovery services.

Industry-proven practices

Restore confidence and business operations with processes refined over thousands of customer engagements.

Actionable reporting

Receive an executive overview with recommendations for short- and long-term steps to improve overall security posture.

Included capabilities

Dedicated experts work with you before, during, and after a cybersecurity crisis.

Proactive services before an incident

  • Advanced threat hunting

    Hunt for existing threats in your production environment and provide your security operations team the knowledge they need to hunt new threats and focus on the most critical risks.

  • Security and crisis response exercises

    Participate in exercises centered around real-world observations and mitigation tactics, delivered by our incident response team.

  • Cybersecurity operations services

    Receive a proactive point-in-time study and forensic investigation to gain better knowledge of your organization's security posture and risk of exposure.

Breach response during an incident

  • Cybersecurity incident response service

    Receive assistance with highly specialized incident response investigations during cybersecurity crises.

  • Office 365 Incident Response

    Get an analysis of attacker persistence in Office 365, compromised accounts, and potential account traversal.

Recovery after an incident

  • Rapid ransomware recovery

    Contain attacks, restore critical identity infrastructure, and work to limit exposure of ransomware across your environment.

  • Compromise recovery

    Remove attacker control from an environment, regain administrative control after a cybersecurity incident, and tactically harden high-impact controls to help prevent future breaches.

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Specialized support before, during, and after a security crisis

Let Microsoft Security Services for Incident Response help remove bad actors from your environment, build resilience for future attacks, and mend your defenses after a breach. Contact your Microsoft account executive to learn more.