Carole Bouquet

Actress, Director

18/08/1957 (62 years old)

Elegant, glamorous French model/actress Carole Bouquet was elevated to international stardom in Luis Bunuel's That Obscure Object of Desire (1977). As Conchita, the alluring focus of middle-aged Fernando Rey's obsession, Carole was easily the film's prime attraction--even though she shared the leading role with Angela Molina (it was Bunuel's world, and Carole and Angela just lived in it). Ms. Bouquet went on to play a "Bond girl" in the 1981 007 opus For Your Eyes Only, and was prominent in the proceedings of the 1989 omnibus feature New York Stories. Though she prefers to work in France, Carole Bouquet is occasionally compelled to seek out film roles abroad.