Rob Morrow

Actor, Director

21/09/1962 (58 years old) New Rochelle, New York, United States

Although this small-screen player began studying acting in the early '80s, he struggled for almost a decade before shooting to stardom in 1990 as a cranky New Yorker practicing medicine in Alaska on the quirky dramedy Northern Exposure, for which he earned three Golden Globe nominations and two Emmy nominations. Previously, Morrow appeared primarily on stage and cofounded the prestigious off-Broadway theater company Naked Angels. Despite his success on Northern Exposure, he left the show in its fifth season to pursue big-screen roles, but apart from a pivotal role in the Oscar-nominated 1994 film Quiz Show, cinematic success was marginal. He returned to series television in 2002 as an ex-con on the short-lived Street Time. The role helped him overcome his nebbishy typecasting, and in 2005 he signed on to NUMB3RS as an FBI agent. Morrow also has a burgeoning career behind the camera, creating a production company called Bits and Pieces Production Company, helming various television episodes and directing the independent feature Maze, which he also wrote, co-produced and starred in. Away from the cameras, he enjoys skiing.

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