Sendhil Ramamurthy


17/05/1974 (46 years old) Chicago, Illinois, United States

Since his mother, father and sister were all doctors, it's no wonder Ramamurthy initially followed in their footsteps. However, while pursuing pre-med at Tufts University, he changed his focus after taking a drama class in order to satisfy his arts requirement. After graduation, he studied at London's Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and left with a comprehensive knowledge of the classics and his future wife — fellow thespian Olga Sosnovska — in tow. Due to his ethnicity, Ramamurthy was often invited to audition for what he deemed "stereotypical brown skin" roles: convenience-store employees and terrorists. But he refused to take these parts, opting instead to build his résumé slowly with meatier roles both on stage and in TV guest spots. Although Heroes creator Tim Kring originally intended to cast a fiftysomething actor in the role of genetics professor Mohinder Suresh, he rewrote the character once he saw Ramamurthy read for the part. He continued to play the role of Suresh for four seasons until Heroes was canceled in 2010, but his employment didn't last long: he joined the cast of the TV spy drama Covert Affairs later that year. In his spare time, Ramamurthy is an avid tennis fan.

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