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Write messages to friends, enter codes and search apps in seconds with the Xbox Chatpad. Compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10.*

Xbox Chatpad | Chatpad Xbox


Type to your buddies, enter codes and find new apps in a snap with the Xbox Chatpad. It plugs into your Xbox One wireless controller, putting a backlit keypad and headset audio controls right at your fingertips. It also has two programmable keys for quick access to your apps. Includes chat/mono headset with 3.5mm jack. Compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10.

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easy to use i had one for 360 so ibought one for the xbox 1 and its better




key pad is smooth

just fun for kids




perfect aid for the ability to quickly chat and mo

not only ddes this simplfy typing but there are two added buttons. X1 and X2 are programable to enable shortcuts. i have my X2 set up for `record that now` and X1 pulls up the twitch app. the option can be found in settings once the mini pad is attached. overall a great addition. this paragraph would have taken me ages, this has taken two mins... my only negative is finding diferent symbols and characters. using the two coloured buttons red and green offers up the diffreent symbols. i would like an option of scrolling, pressing quickly on each key like the good old days of texting. but this is a minor problem. 10/10 for me.




Useful qwerty keyboard

Bought this for my grandson. He's pleased with it. Useful for getting familiar with position of keys on a standard keyboard rather than toggling away on the remote controller.




Much easier than using the controller!

Bought this because trying to type using the controller was driving me crazy! I could not hold a conversation on the message boards and searching for things was a real chore because it would take me so long to type. Now all that has changed with the purchase of this little beauty. It fits very nicely on the controller and does not impede any game playing functions. It also does not add much weight and the added bonus of a headset means I can now chat live whilst I'm playing. Highly recommend if like me you avoid typing anything on the controller.





This product is amazing, save a lot of time and is really well built.




Glad it's back

I have used this every day since I received it. With all the features in the Xbox One you really need a keyboard and this one is so convenient. Not the easiest accessory to attach but once its on and you do the update it works great.




The Perfect Chatpad for the Perfect Controller

I bought this about a month ago and am very glad i got it. Pros: - Feels great on the controller and attaches nice and snugly. - Can type much faster on this chatpad, compared to the Xbox 360 version which would not type well when typing fast. - Buttons feel very comfortable and easy to press. - The two shortcut keys are super useful, and will soon be re-programmable. - The volume controls make it super useful and efficient when using a headset and adjusting volume controls for game and headset. - Headphone jack on the bottom. Cons: - Very minor and obvious, but if you like to wrap your little fingers around the handles of the controller, the chatpad will of course block this and instead your hands will run around the back of the chatpad, which isn't too bad and is still comfortable. Overall, i am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to everyone. I haven't tested this but it states that it also works on Windows 10 computers which is also really great. This is the perfect upgrade from the 360 Chatpad and improves on it's design and functionality greatly.



Jon D Cort


Great piece of tech, fits nicely to xbox one controller. Easy to put on or take off.



Developer comment · responded on

*For use with Xbox One wireless controller and controller compatible games, all sold separately. See game requirements for compatibility. X1 and X2 function keys supported on Xbox only. Significant firmware update using the included USB cable may be required; ISP fees apply. Programmable keys for Xbox One only.