Arc Touch Mouse

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Innovative design and accurate tracking technology deliver a comfortable mouse experience for the mobile lifestyle.

Perfectly portable

Stylish and eye-catching, the Arc Touch Mouse delivers reliable wireless freedom for precise clicking on the go. It works on a rough wood surface or carpet thanks to BlueTrack Technology.1 Plus, it gives you wireless control of your computer up to 15 feet away.

Arc Mouse

Innovative design

Designed for quick use and seamless storage, the Arc Touch Mouse curves up comfortably below your hand for an effortless mousing experience almost anywhere. And when you’re done, it flattens to turn off and slips into your pocket or bag, just like a cellphone.
Arc Mouse

Scroll by feel

The Touch strip on the Arc Touch Mouse responds precisely to the speed of your finger movement, using Haptic feedback, light vibration that signals scrolling speed, to scan through documents and web pages as quickly or slowly as you need—all entirely by feel.

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Brilliant design

I have two of these, bought them about 2 years ago and they're still going strong. Battery life isn't as good as they say - about 4 months for me - but that does depend on your usage and I use mine a lot.



Andy No Likey

Battery life abysmal

I purchased one of these on 2 Sep 14. The batteries that were supplied with it ran out after 6 weeks. I assumed I had been supplied a duff set of batteries. I put in a brand new set and here I am 6 weeks later replacing the batteries again. For a product that advertises battery life in excess of 6 months that is abysmal. I do flatten (turn off) the mouse whenever I am not using it. I probably use it for 8 - 10 hours per day. I had a standard Arc Mouse which lasted about 4 months on a set of batteries before it gave up 3 months ago. I'd go as far as saying the product has been mis-sold to me as I would not have bought it if they stated 6 weeks battery life in the specs. The rest of the features work fine. Avoid at all costs unless you have a supply of free batteries.




nice at first,but not sure what the problem is now

got it about 2 weeks ago, loved it at first, but now the mouse isnt working, but the lights still turn on and i see it on the system




Nice look

I bought this mouse on looks as I will match my ergonomic keyboard. I like it very much. Much cheaper on Amazon though.




Excellent design and fantastic performance

Got it as a gift on my birth day. Works really well. I am so used to with it that I don't like other types of mouse. Design is simply cool, attracted most of my colleagues to ask about it. Performance is wonderful. Still working with original battery after more than 10 months. Expensive compared to others but you pay for the quality and style. Ideal for gifts.



Developer comment · responded on

[1] BlueTrack Technology does not work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces.