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• For 1 PC or Mac, 1 tablet including iPad, Android, or Windows, plus 1 phone • Fully installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and more • 1TB cloud storage • Ongoing access to updates Compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.10 All languages included

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Why Office 365 Personal

Great for 1 PC or Mac, and 1 tablet, Office 365 Personal helps you get things done from virtually anywhere, on all your devices. And it’s always up to date, so you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck with old versions.

A family using Office applications

Fully installed Office applications

Get the all-new 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more, downloaded directly to your favourite devices. You can keep working even if you’re not online.1

Excel on laptop and on smartphone.

Install on multiple devices

Get the full Office experience on 1 PC or Mac, 1 tablet (including Windows, iPad and Android) and 1 phone.2

Office features.

Access from anywhere

Use OneDrive cloud storage to get instant access to your documents, photos and videos. Edit and share them online anytime, anywhere, on all your devices.

Person using Word on laptop.

Always up to date

Every new upgrade is included so you'll always have the most up-to-date version as soon as it's available.

Office 365 Personal includes

  • Word App Lockup

    Create, polish and share beautiful documents.

  • Excel App Lockup

    Analyse and visualise your data in new and intuitive ways.

  • PowerPoint App Lockup

    Create, collaborate and effectively present your ideas.

  • OneNote App Lockup

    Harness your thoughts in your very own digital notebook.

  • Outlook App Lockup

    Organise email, coordinate schedules and stay up to date with contacts.

  • Access App Lockup

    Create your own custom database apps fast and harness the power of your data.
    PC only

  • Publisher App Lockup

    Print and share professional-looking publications with powerful, easy-to-use tools.
    PC only

  • OneDrive App Lockup

    Get 1TB OneDrive cloud storage for all your stuff.

  • Skype logo

    Call mobile and landline phones with 60 monthly Skype minutes per user, for up to 5 users.3


  • Required Processor

    PC: 1 gigahertz (Ghz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2
    Mac: Intel processor

  • Required Operating System

    PC: Windows 7 or later, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012
    Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or later
    iOS: Office for iPad and iPhone requires iOS 8.0 or later. Office for iPad Pro requires iOS 9.0 or later.
    Android: Office for Android can be installed on tablets and phones that are running Android KitKat 4.4 or later version and have an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor.

  • Required Memory

    PC: 1GB RAM (32 bit); 2GB RAM (64 bit)
    Mac: 4GB RAM

  • Required Hard Disk Space

    PC: 3.0GB of available disk space
    Mac: 6GB HFS+ hard disk format

  • Required Display

    PC: 1024 x 768 resolution
    Mac: 1280 x 800 resolution

  • Graphics

    Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card.

  • Multi-touch

    A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch functionality. However, all features and functionality are always available by using a keyboard, mouse or other standard or accessible input device. Note that new touch features are optimised for use with Windows 8 or later.

  • Additional System Requirements

    Non-commercial use.

    Internet functionality requires an Internet connection.

    Microsoft account required.

    Product functionality and graphics may vary based on your system configuration. Some features may require additional or advanced hardware or server connectivity.

We're here to help

We’re the company that built Office, so we know it better than anybody. As an Office 365 subscriber, you can get help right away from Microsoft-trained experts by phone or chat at no extra charge.

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Installation and FAQ

How do I install Office?

After purchase, you can install Office at For more information, see the FAQ.

What's the difference between Office 365 plans and Office 2016 suites?

Office 365 plans include the complete suite of Office applications, plus other services that are enabled over the Internet, including extra cloud storage with OneDrive and Skype minutes for home use. With Office 365 you get the full, installed Office experience on PCs, Macs, tablets (including Windows, iPad, and Android) and smartphones. Office 365 plans are available as a monthly or annual subscription. With Office 365, upgrades are always included with your subscription.

Office 2016 suites, including Office Home and Student and Home and Business, include applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; they are available as a one-time purchase for use on a single PC or Mac. The applications are not automatically updated; to get the latest version, you must purchase Office again when the new version becomes available.

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great features and good price

i bought this a month ago and never regretted it.its great





Used MS Office for many years until I switched to a mac about 7 years ago. At that time the relative costs of Office and the Apple equivalents made it a 'no - brainer' to switch to Apple. Now I need to collaborate as I prepare lectures and other material for a new role I am taking so have to use the Office suite as it is an industry standard. On the plus side, 365 means upgrades as you go, and includes cloud storage. The one downside is that the suite available on OSX is limited and does not include certain products from the suite.




Office 365 Personal and Outlook

Only MS would make things so confusing. Be warned if you buy Office 365 Personal (which of course includes Outlook) you do NOT get the Add Free Outlook Web client. How about that!

Developer comment · Microsoft Store responded on 13/04/2017

Hello, Office 365 includes the latest version of Outlook (Outlook 2016). Please visit: for more about what's included in Outlook 2016. You can also access to check email anytime which is free. If you are experiencing issues with email, please contact us via any of the methods located here: Office 365 includes free technical support and we would be happy to assist you.



lee woolis

so called payed for bvproduct and subscrtion

I payed and agree to a subscrtionfor office you have vinstall it in 32 bit by de4fault the laptop as never been 32 bit ok and alswo you have on my account that you have refunded my subscrtion moneys back to my acfcount and you keep connecting me to none genuiene Microsoft support sort my refunds out the whole windows c10 set up is a joke

Developer comment · Microsoft Store responded on 13/04/2017

Hi Lee, We are sorry to hear that you are not having a positive experience with Office 365 so far. The 32 bit version installs by default but you have the option to change this to the 64 bit version. Please visit: for more info. If you'd like to speak with a support representative, you can reach us via any of the methods located here: We would be happy to assist you.




Prefer Office 2010

Having upgraded to Windows 10, I have been using office 365 for just over a year now. It has taken ages to get used to it, I still prefer the old 2010 version... especially the outlook... I also don't like the OneDrive, it takes ages to export a word file as a PDF, then opens it outside of my Adobe (so it Office does see this as a previously opened file, i.e. to attach to an email I then need to browse to where I have saved it). Guess I will have to keep persevering with it!

Developer comment · Microsoft Store responded on 30/03/2017

Hello, There are many great online resources available to you for assistance in getting acclimated with Office 365. This includes tips & tricks, troubleshooting assistance, getting started guides and more. Please visit: to learn more. If you are experiencing performance issues and would like to speak with a support representative, you can contact us via any of the methods located here: Office 365 includes free technical support and we would be happy to assist you.




Great software

Been working with this software for a month, easy to use great features




Everything I wanted

Very pleased, my main use is Word and find I can use in so many different ways




Asolute rip off

I have bought this product, downloaded it as per instructions and when I try to use it, it says subscription expired.

Developer comment · Microsoft Store responded on 22/03/2017

Hello Richard, We are sorry to hear that you are seeing notifications of expiration after you recently subscribed to Office 365. Please visit: and select the corresponding notification you are seeing. Proceed with the resolution steps listed. If you'd like to speak with a support representative, you can reach us via any of the methods located here: Office 365 includes free technical support and we would be happy to assist you.



Emma S


Easy to use.




Office just goes on getting better!

Let's not pretend Office is full of 'easy' programs. This is a suite of sophisticated software you have to grow into. I've read with some dismay the reviews by a few people who just find it too hard or different from previous versions. My advice is to stick with it and to learn how to use it - or at least the parts you need. I use Word very regularly and love the way it integrates with other Office programs, including One Note and Outlook. Word is now very comprehensive and even does jobs previously only possible in a desktop publishing package. It will open and edit PDFs as well as doing great basic word processing. If you learn to use it properly, you can get tremendous results in simple documents, or highly complicated professional products. I use Outlook all day every day. It has crashed a few times but overall I love its integration of calendar, people and email. It's clean and simple to use. I use Excel occasionally and not to a high standard. But it's a lot more intuitive to use than its predecessors and the help facilities are great. And then there's the other stuff! You don't have to use it all but I find there's always room for growth and maybe a bit of playing, too. My wife uses access regularly and has adjusted really quickly from previous versions. Our subscription is for multiple devices and we like being able to transfer our work and set-ups seamlessly onto other machines when we need to. So, overall, well done Microsoft. Office is a grown-up suite for grown-up people who want sophisticated kit. I think it goes on getting better and better and I'm glad to have bought a subscription so I get updates automatically.



Developer comment · responded on