Several generations have passed since the human colonists of Planet Draco lost contact with Earth. Now they face the return of an old threat, a colossal destroyer known as the White Phantom. In ''Crimson Dragon,'' control your dragon and fight off the violent enemy life forms. Teach your dragon new skills, and train it to face combat in harder missions. The downloadable version of this game supports English

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Multiplayer Online- 2 to 3 players
  • Co-op Online

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Microsoft Studios

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6.83 GB

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  • Pan European Game Information


    Bad Language

    Online Game

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Leon Ogilvy

Platform: Xbox

The crimson saga

love the game, just wish they had released all the dragons for the new comers to get. And made easier to collect all the hidden skills on and of line. also a cool gift for getting to level 100. the bugs i can handel ( finished sonic 06 ), but the lack of skills at a higer level or ways to find the hidden secrets and the rest locked away makes this game lose its potential of being a great causal game. ps if anyone can get me in contact with the team behind this game i would be very gratful. From the No.1 Crimson Dragon player in the world and also Panzer DRAGOON saga biggest fan CiberJi.and Thanks Microsoft for making it happen see you all in Scale Bound skies.

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