The Gage Chivalry Pack for PAYDAY 2 is a collaboration between Torn Banner Studios and OVERKILL! Go medieval on Washington DC with weapons from Gage's latest stolen goods including the Great Sword, the Morning Star, the Buckler Shield and the Bearded Axe who all fit in the melee slot. If ranged combat is more your thing you can use the Heavy Crossbow, the Light Crossbow or the classic English Longbow who all come with explosive and poison customization. And when all else fails trust in the throwable Javelin to save the day, just make sure to hit them right between the eyes. The Gage Chivalry Pack also includes four helmets from Chivalry Medieval Warfare and four medieval themed patterns and materials!

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Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

Not as good as the others , but still ok

Both crossbows and bows are similar, with differences in damage, ammo and reload speed. The light varients are decent in stealth and can reliably headshot enemies, as well as retrieve arrows. The heavier variants aren't as viable, until you equip them with explosive tipped arrows which act as a reliable stun utility for higher difficulties, as long as you have a decent secondary to use as a main weapon. The new javelin throwable is a one hit kill on all except Dozer and Winters. The capacity of 3 makes it un-recommended for longer heists. 4 new masks are actually knight helmets. They look identical to eachother but are great for those knight lovers (if you are lucky enough to recieve one during Payday).



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