Strider returns in a brand new adventure, complete with incredible side-scrolling action, and lightning fast combat all in a massive interconnected world! Download the full game now and become the original assassin!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Capcom Co., LTD.

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3.09 GB

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Platform: Xbox

Refreshing take on Strider

Played a version on megadrive, so I recall that. What you have here is a different system with health and abilities. Strider character is not powerful as I expected. Progession system is in place. Pickup a powerup for the sword in strategic places. In order to power up a console it requires a certain type of sword. This give access to doors and to take on tricky mini bosses. Also I gained an ability to smash through floor grates. So you understand Strider abilities grow as you play. I will obtain throwing stars kunai in future. Maybe he got old and forgot these abilities. The levels are big the enemies more challenging, and makes you think getting A to B. It is always fun to explore and the visuals are great. Clever level design and bosses. You will not access ALL areas until you have a skill. Giving a map is useful.It is a fun experience. The megadrive version had me running and slicing people up too easily. Here i am outnumbered and outgunned so think before move 4/5

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Platform: Xbox

Epic hard as nails platformer/ hack 'n' slash!

All around flawless game. The character seems to stick to walls quit a lot, but you can just press LT to get off. Kinda annoying but you should all get this game.




Platform: Xbox

why have I had to buy this twice??? CON MERCHANTS!

Mircosoft or Capcom, maybe both. looked at sale, thought great. I'll have: Strider, Duck Tales, Capcom Arcade Cabinet, Final Fight double impact and Bionic Commando. OOOh! I'll jump to my 360 get them on that, yeah! : ) Did that went back to xbox one, Strider wasn't there on ready to install the others were. Turns out, buy again for xbox one. What happened too that lovely promotion of buy a game once, own it forever? Microsoft should change it to buy a game once and you may have to give us more cash if you want it on your xbox one, Diablo 3 is another and I'm sure there are other games out there which will charge the gamers twice. This kind of sale should be illegal, cheers.

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Platform: Xbox

Why Even?

All of it.



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