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How can Surface improve creativity?

Turning everyday problems into solutions with Surface

To help unleash the nation’s creativity, Microsoft Surface partnered with D&AD and UK inventor Dominic Wilcox to turn ideas into reality,
by creating extraordinary solutions for Britain’s everyday problems through the power of Surface.

Meet the creatives using Surface

Dominic Wilcox and four D&AD Creatives explain how Surface helps to fuel their creativity. Meet the Yarza Twins, Hattie Newman, Gaurab Thakali and Tom Harnett O’Meara as they create an extraordinary solution to an everyday problem

View their creative work

Dominic Wilcox

Have you ever paid to watch your favourite artist at a gig only to discover that you can’t see over the crowd? Look no further, the periscope glasses will enable perfect vision across the venue with nothing blocking the eyeline. Additionally, a problem faced by many people on busy UK streets, the awkward dance of trying to navigate past someone walking towards you. The Directing Jacket has been developed to ensure no more colliding bodies and clear path to your destination.

The Extraordinary Solutions for Everyday Problems Exhibition

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Microsoft Surface showcased a series of creative inventions designed to make you think “why didn’t I think of that?” See the inspiration behind these ideas, from sketches, work in progress images and animations, as well as the final solutions.

Exhibition Gallery

What Britain thinks of creativity

As part of the Extraordinary Solutions project Microsoft commissioned research to delve into the nation’s attitudes to their own creativity with some fascinating results.

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More than half of us in the UK consider ourselves to be creative and over a third (35%) of the 2,000 people surveyed by Microsoft believe that their best ideas come to them when going for a walk

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Listening to music (18%), in the shower (17%), and driving (15%) were also cited amongst the most popular moments in the day when we come up with the best ideas. However, we seem to be at our most creative whilst snoozing in bed, with almost 40% of us finding that ideas pop into our head whilst we’re relaxing in our own beds.

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Meet the Surface Family

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Surface Pro 6

Ultra-light and versatile*

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Surface Laptop 2

Style and speed

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Surface Go

Portable Power

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Surface Studio 2

The ultimate creative studio

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Surface Headphones

The smarter way to listen

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Surface Book 2

Powerhouse performance - available in 13.5” and 15”

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