Built-in protection and governance solutions

Built-in protection and governance solutions

Your data is exploding, requirements are growing, and business is evolving. How are you protecting and governing your data? Microsoft 365 helps you manage and protect your growing digital estate, meet your compliance requirements, and maintain business continuity.

Harness intelligence to govern your data

Classify, label, and govern data with built-in, suite-wide capabilities that enable comprehensive data governance. Auto-label and publish labels for end users to retain, delete, declare, and more.

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Advanced data governance

Import, govern, and monitor your business data to control content retention and deletion.


Meet internal or regulatory requirements with intelligent monitoring across email and Microsoft Teams.

Records management

Use a file plan manager and records labels for retention and disposition review in Microsoft 365.

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Leverage encryption to protect your Microsoft 365 data

Your data is encrypted while at-rest and in-transit with Microsoft 365. Additional encryption controls offer further data protection in order to help you meet your compliance needs.

Office 365 Message Encryption

Protect email in Office 365 to securely share and collaborate with anyone on any device.

Office 365 Advanced Message Encryption

Enables admins to expire and revoke access to encrypted emails through a secure web portal.

Customer Key in Office 365

Provide and control encryption keys for your Office 365 data at-rest to help meet compliance needs.

Enforce Zero Standing Access

Protect data by controlling and managing privileged access by Microsoft service engineers and by your tenant admins with just-in-time and just-enough access.

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Customer Lockbox in Office 365

Increase your control with explicit access authorization for service operations using Customer Lockbox.

Privileged access management in Office 365

Control privileged admin access granularly to specific tasks (Task Based Access Control) in Office 365. 

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Manage, control, and monitor access to resources in Azure AD, Azure, Office 365, and other services.

Customer story

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EMCOR transitions to the cloud, constructs intelligent workplace with Microsoft 365

Using Microsoft 365 cloud-based workplace services helps EMCOR Group collaborate more effectively across multiple divisions and business units.

Whitepapers, reports, and guides

Microsoft 365 encryption whitepaper

Know data protection and governance

Data governance for compliance


Accelerate compliance


Additional resources

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Privileged Access Management guide

Manage and control privileged administrator tasks in Office 365 with this interactive guide.

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Data governance interactive guide

Manage your content lifecycle with Advanced Data Governance in Office 365.

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Advanced Message Encryption guide

Expire and revoke encrypted emails for external recipients with this interactive guide.

Built-in protection and governance solutions