Meet Cortana,

your very own personal assistant

Across your day and devices, Cortana helps you get things done

With Cortana, you’ll forget less and do more. She’s your truly personal digital assistant, delivering them at the right time and place. Cortana helps you with tasks like sending emails, scheduling events and searching your devices, the cloud or the web. She can even give you a heads up when there’s something important that you should know. And because your life isn’t limited to one device, neither is she.

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Discover everything that Cortana can do for you

Provide updates

Provide updates

Cortana keeps an eye on what matters to you

Based on your life and what you like, Cortana keeps you in the know. She’ll tell you about upcoming events, concerts and sporting events, let you know what your day looks like, find the latest news that you care about and show you how your investments are doing.

Give you reminders

Give you reminders

Forget about forgetting with Cortana

Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant. Create reminders based on location and time, so she can help you remember to pick up milk when you’re at the shop. Or set reminders based on people, so she can remind you to wish your dad a happy birthday when he calls.

Complete tasks

Complete tasks

Need help? All you have to do is ask.

There’s not much that Cortana can’t do. Ask her to set an alarm, open an app, set up a meeting, call someone, send an email, get directions, play music, take notes, set a reminder, search for a file, adjust settings, send a text message – and much, much more.

Search for you

Search for you

Go from searching to doing in an instant

Using Cortana is the fastest, easiest way to search for stuff on your device, the cloud and the web. Just ask her to search for the latest news, the status of a flight or when British Summer Time starts. You can also ask her to find the PowerPoint deck that you edited last night, the photos on OneDrive that you took in London or the Word doc called Spring Budget that you saved last month and now can’t find.

As you get to know Cortana, she gets to know you

It’s all in Cortana’s notebook.

Cortana learns about you over time based on the information that you provide in the notebook, becoming more useful every day. She can suggest things like books to read or films to see based on what you like. She can even detect things like flight or delivery confirmations in your email and offer to track them for you. But as smart as she is, you control what Cortana knows through the notebook. And you can edit or delete what’s in it whenever you want.

A Windows phone and laptop, both with Cortana up on the screen
A Windows phone with Cortana on the screen

Cortana knows a lot, including how to have fun

Need a good chuckle or have some time to kill? Cortana can even help with that. Ask her to sing you a song, tell you a joke or do an impression. She has answers to hundreds of questions, and some will definitely surprise you.

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