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Surface Laptop 4
Surface Laptop 3
Surface Pro 8
Surface Pro 7
Surface Pro 7+
Surface Laptop Studio
Surface Book 3
Surface Dock 2
Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard
Microsoft Number Pad
Microsoft Bluetooth® Keyboard
Surface Go2
Surface Go 22
Surface Go 32
Surface Laptop Go2

Colour (package)

Exterior: White
Keycap Applicator: Transparent
3-Dimensional Bump Stickers: Various colours
Port Indicators: Various colours
Opener Supports: Light Grey

Weight (package)

48.2 g (1.7 ounces )

Dimensions (package)

11.11 cm x 11.11 cm x 1.6 cm (4 3/8" x 4 3/8" x 5/8")

What’s in the box?

Keycap Labels (1 set of 12)
3-Dimensional Bump Stickers (1 set of 16)
Port Indicators (1 set of 5)
Opener Support (1 ring opener and 1 pull tab opener)
Keycap applicator (1)

[1] Some software, accessories and devices sold separately.
[2] Keycap labels can fit on the keys on the Surface Go Type Cover and Surface Laptop Go, but will require a more precise application due to the key size.

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