Global Workforce: The new culture of work

Today’s workplace is book-ended by generations with very different experiences. Add to that the fact that more and more businesses operate globally and must bring together teams with cultural and geographical distances as well. So how do organizations manage this divide between generations, cultures, and geographies?

Watch this episode of Modern Workplace, “Global Workforce: The New Culture of Work” to see Cam Marston, President of Generational Insights, and Kelly Joscelyne, Chief Talent Officer at Mastercard, discuss strategies for creating a social collaboration environment that helps workers understand how to work better together to enable better business by overcoming three common hurdles:

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  • Cultural sensitivity – Sharing and creating awareness around cultural differences that can also help drive understanding of global customers
  • Social distance – Building relationships and trust across geographically dispersed or generationally diverse teams
  • Communication and tone – Understanding how different cultures and generations share information or receive feedback to drive inclusivity and productivity

We also feature a demo showcasing how Microsoft 365 helps global teams work more effectively together, including amazing translation capabilities for presentations.


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