Managing a multi-generational workforce

For the first time in history there are five generations in the workforce. Watch the latest episode of Modern Workplace to understand how to turn this challenge into an opportunity by creating cohesive teams that take advantage of the diversity of multiple generations.


Learn from experts Haydn Shaw, speaker and author of “Sticking Points,” and Asha Sharma, COO of, as they discuss their experiences in creating organizational cultures that thrive using diverse workforces.

Here are some of the key insights you’ll gain:

  • Having a multi-generational workforce is needed to reach multi-generational customers.
  • Make an active effort to intermingle generations.
  • Focus on strengths and opportunities with a diverse workforce.
  • Make sure your leadership team is multi-generational.

Also, hear from Jamie McLellan, CTO of J. Walter Thompson, about how his organization is using technology to take advantage of generational diversity. McLellan discusses his organization’s use of Microsoft Teams—a new capability in Office 365.

Microsoft Teams helps bridge the generational divide with a chat-based workspace for collaboration. It combines the structure of email with the network approach of social networking to deliver a collaboration solution for all generations. And it delivers the security and compliance capabilities you have come to expect from Office 365.

Watch the Modern Workplace episode to learn more.

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