UVC30 Room

UVC30 Room


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Superb image quality

UVC30 Room delivers a high quality image with natural color reproduction and smooth, detailed video for an optimum meeting experience. It supports multiple resolutions, including 4K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS and 720P/60FPS to adapt to different displays and applications.

Smooth and precise auto-framing, API for data analysis

Based on face detection, UVC30 Room is capable of smoothly and precisely auto-framing participants in the room, bringing a more intelligent meeting experience. Access statistical data of people in meeting room via camera API.

Ultra expansive field of view

With a large 120° field of view, everyone sitting in the room can be seen, this camera is perfectly suited for focus and small meeting rooms.

Easier and smooth PTZ control

UVC30 Room can achieve an easier and smooth PTZ control on a touch console via Yealink RoomConnect. It can seamlessly work with all Microsoft Teams Rooms systems as a USB camera.

Multiple mounting options

With a retractable clip, you can mount UVC30 wherever it works best, whether on the top of monitor, under the monitor or on the wall.