OneNote - Assessment - Coláiste Bhaile Chláir

I designed a task using OneNote to assess students oral skills and the target language of Spanish for their week 10 Spanish oral assessment. The task involved them making a video recording to describe their likes and dislikes of their daily routine. This was shared with them on their OneNote as was the exam criteria and the marking scheme. The task also help them develop 21st century key skills such as monitoring information and thinking, being creative, communicating and collaborating with others.

The students saved their work to their Spanish OneNote portfolio and I was able to provide instant feedback at the touch of a button. In terms of assessment for learning it was excellent as it was a teaching and learning tool that we used in the classroom and they were able to correct their own work on their portfolio. Overall it was an excellent exercise as they collaborated with each other, they managed their own information thinking through the use of technology, they did their own research to create the dialogue and it also provided it us with a teaching and learning tool for future classrooms as we can use the video as an oral comprehension.