Managed identities for Azure resources

Build apps and cloud services without having to manage credentials.

What are managed identities?

Managed identities for Azure resources help you safely access cloud services. With managed identities, credentials are fully managed, rotated, and protected by Azure.

Use managed identities to access Azure services

Managed identities are used for communications among cloud services that support Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication.

System-assigned managed identity

Enable a system-assigned managed identity for an Azure resource. The life cycle of a system-assigned managed identity is tied to the life cycle of the Azure resource it represents.

User-assigned managed identity

Create a user-assigned managed identity and assign it to one or more Azure resources. The life cycle of the user-assigned managed identity is independent of the Azure resources.

Azure resources supporting managed identity

Build an app using Azure resources that connect to Azure Key Vault, Azure SQL, and other services.

Azure services supporting managed identities

Explore how to authenticate to Azure services without the need for credentials.

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