Sustainability from the data centre to the cloud with Azure

Azure sustainability starts at the data centre and extends to AI-driven products and local projects. Join a global community committed to building a resilient future that’s good for your business and the planet.

Moving on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure can reduce your carbon footprint up to 98%*

Sustainability and cloud migration

Monitor and manage what’s important – in real time

Gain critical insights fast

Track sustainability metrics up to 14 times faster and pay 94% less than with other cloud providers.**

Easily map your data

Create a holistic, up-to-date map of your data landscape across environments with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification and end-to-end data lineage.

Connect your operations

Build and scale highly efficient operations with Azure IoT. Track and reduce energy usage in factories and buildings, monitor water and waste handling and much more – all with built-in Azure security.

Step inside the next generation of data centre

Data centre sustainability is central to cloud sustainability. Get an up-close view of a Microsoft sustainable data centre, including physical infrastructure, renewable energy power, data security, community initiatives – and even workspace for innovation.

What’s next: energy innovations for a cleaner, cooler cloud

A diagram showing liquid immersion cooling with labels on the server blades and AI microchips

Liquid immersion cooling

Learn how new server cooling methods can help minimise the environmental impact of physical data centres – reducing energy use while providing higher processing power.

The outside view of a factory warehouse

Grid-interactive UPS batteries

Find out how small steps like implementing grid-interactive UPS batteries can make a big difference for meeting sustainability goals and reducing carbon footprint.

A large machine that manages fuel

Cleaner fuels for power backup

See how switching from traditional diesel to less-carbon-intensive fuels to run data centre backup generators helps to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

Evolving beyond an operational approach

Using Azure, you lend support for extensive efforts to make local impacts and improve environmental outcomes throughout the world.

Advancing renewable energy with Azure Digital Twins

South Korea–based Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is working to improve the efficiency of wind turbines and expand the use of wind energy.

Unifying environmental data with Power BI and Azure

French environmental services company Veolia is building sustainable, data-driven solutions that bring data together in one place to provide valuable insights.

Deploying Azure-based digital risk intelligence

Swiss insurance firm Swiss Re is addressing customers’ current and future needs – from bespoke analytics solutions to scalable platforms for increased parametric insurance and reinsurance capacity.

* The results show that the Microsoft Cloud is between 22 and 93% more energy efficient than traditional enterprise data centres, depending on the specific comparison being made. When taking into account our renewable energy purchases, the Microsoft Cloud is between 72 and 98% more carbon efficient. These savings are attributable to four key features of the Microsoft Cloud: IT operational efficiency, IT equipment efficiency, data centre infrastructure efficiency and renewable electricity procurement.

** Performance and price-performance claims based on data from a study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by GigaOm in January 2019 for the GigaOm Analytics Field Test-H benchmark report and March 2019 for the GigaOm Analytics Field Test -DS benchmark report. Learn more.