Fishing Planet: Gars and Glory Pack
Fishing Planet: Gars and Glory Pack
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The bigger the better! If that's your motto, how does hunting down some large caliber predators in a thrilling race against the most powerful anglers sound? Well, as this October brings you a massive Gar fishing Tournament you’ve been craving, we’re giving you a Pack of equal grandeur - the Gars&Glory Pack. And oh boy, will you need it! This exclusive Tournament edition Pack includes all ultimate Gar combating weapons, like the GGC MatchMonster™ match rods and the insanely powerful GGC Gars’n’GloReel™ spinning reels, along with the limited collectibles like the super tough GGC Armature™ rod case, GGC TackleShell™ lure box and of course the winning-streak GGC BomberJaws™ fishing jacket that makes your predator preference a verbatim statement on spot! You also get a whole bundle of goodies including all the terminal tackle, equipment and licenses you need to enjoy your Gar hunting experience, regardless of whether or not you’ll choose to compete. With Gars&Glory Pack you’ll be armed to the teeth and well prepared to face the largest of underwater beasts! Every item in this pack is a powerful fishing weapon that is chiseled to perfection to complement your performance and maximize the chances of a solid win! The question is: can you masterfully match this superior tackle with your skill? Gars&Glory Pack is an absolute must have for any big Gar hunter! This awesome Pack includes: * 40 000 CREDITS - use your Credits to purchase new tackle, pay for fishing trips, repairs and any other in-game expenses. Spend your credits wisely! * 20 BAITCOINS - use to purchase certain fishing tackle, available only for BaitCoins. Spend your BaitCoins wisely! * 7 DAYS OF PREMIUM ACCOUNT Enjoy seven days of Premium Status and advance your game progress by getting a 50% boost to Experience and Credits earned for every fish you catch! In addition, you get the opportunity to rent a kayak with a 50% discount! You also get the privilege of free registration in Competitions and the advantage of using free Forward Time function twice as often! * 25 Storage Slots * 2 Tackle Setup Slots RODS ‘N REELS Rods: * GGC MatchMonster™ 10' 10" - Length: 10' 10" (3.3 m); Line Weight: 11–34 Lb. (5-15.5 kg); Action: Mod Fast; Pieces: 3; Guides: 14 * GGC MatchMonster™ 9' 10" - Length: 9' 10" (3 m); Line Weight: 11–35 Lb. (5-16 kg); Action: Mod Fast; Pieces: 3; Guides: 13 Reels: * GGC Gars'n'GloReel™ 4500 - Ratio: 5.4:1; Recovery: 27.5" (80 cm); Capacity: mono 20/110 (0.4/110), braid 30/145 (0.28/145); Max Drag: 35 Lb. (16.0 kg) * GGC Gars'n'GloReel™ 6500 - Ratio: 4.5:1; Recovery: 27.5" (70 cm); Capacity: mono 32/130 (0.5/130), braid 30/215 (0.28/215); Max Drag: 28.6 Lb. (13 kg) TERMINAL TACKLE * Lines: Fluoro .022" (0.55 mm) - Length: 1000 yd (1000 m); Test: 35 Lb. (15.8 kg) Fluoro .02" (0.5 mm) - Length: 1000 yd (1000 m); Test: 28 Lb. (12.7 kg) * Floats: Pear Shaped Float, Glowing Pear-Shaped Float * Hooks: Hook #1/0, Hook #2/0, Hook #3/0, Hook #4/0, Hook #5/0, Hook #6/0, Hook #7/0 * Baits: Large Cutbait, Large Minnows, Shiners, Crawfish, Medium Cutbait, Small Minnows EQUIPMENT * FishCastle L Keepnet - Max Single Fish Weight: 110 Lb. (50 kg); Total Fish Weight: 440 Lb. (200 kg); Fish-Friendly: yes * GGC Armature™ Rod Case - Rods: 2, Reels: 2 * GGC TackleShell™ Lure Box - Tackles: 20; Lines: 2 * GGC BomberJaws™ Fishing Jacket - Tackles: 15; Lines: 2 FISHING LICENSES (7 days): * Advanced North Carolina License * Advanced Florida License * Advanced Louisiana License


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