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Office 365: Accessible by design

Find out how Office 365 empowers you to be more productive across devices, foster inclusive interactions and meet accessibility requirements.

Accessibility is built into Office 365

At Microsoft, we envision a future where people with permanent disabilities or situational limitations have the technology they need to work efficiently and independently from any device. We're committed to helping people of all abilities access information and have fulfilling interactions everywhere, both in person and virtually. Explore the resources below to learn how to leverage accessibility capabilities built right into Office 365, to make your digital environment more inclusive:


Overview of Office 365 accessibility capabilities

Office 365 is continually updated with accessible features that your organisation can use to:

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Boost productivity for everyone

Office 365 makes it easier for people with limited vision, hearing, speech, mobility and learning abilities to create, communicate and collaborate on content. We enhance the usability of our experiences with assistive technologies, ease of access settings and alternative input devices on an ongoing basis, based on insights from research studies and customer feedback. We also offer built-in settings to enhance your reading and writing experiences.

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Foster inclusive interactions

Office 365 apps offer several built-in capabilities that make it easier for everyone to create content that can be accessed without barriers by people with disabilities, share content on accessible channels and make virtual meetings more inclusive.

Create an accessible document with Microsoft Word
Create an accessible intranet site with SharePoint Online
Make your meetings more accessible with Skype for Business
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Achieve compliance

Microsoft believes in transparency and ensuring that organisations have the information they need to understand how the products they use meet accessibility laws and standards. Office 365 apps on various platforms are designed with the requirements of EN 301 549, WCAG 2.0 AA and US Section 508 in mind, and we work with external suppliers under the U.S. Department of Homeland Services Trusted Tester Program to verify conformance to accessibility standards.

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