Simplifying management and deployment

Windows 10 includes many new features to help IT staff be more productive and enable them to help drive digital transformation in their organization.

Windows as a service allows IT to provide new business value more frequently. With new, simplified deployment capabilities and excellent application compatibility, Windows 10 is easier to deploy.

Combined with new cloud-driven management scenarios that amplify Window’s reputation as being the most manageable platform, Windows 10 enhances agility and flexibility while reducing overall costs.

Windows 10 Deployment and Management Lab Kit

Accelerate your adoption of Windows 10 with our self-service proof-of-concept kit.

Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM study demonstrates business value of Windows 10

This Microsoft-commissioned report by Forrester demonstrates how deploying Windows 10 can help reduce costs and provide significant benefits to your organization. The report found an ROI of 233% with a payback period of only 14 months. Download now to read more!

Use the Benefits Estimator to see how Windows 10 can provide savings to your business.

Simplified deployment

Staying current

Modern management

Simplified deployment

With Windows 10, businesses have two new upgrade options


In Place Upgrade

Upgrade existing Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 devices directly to Windows 10 without having to wipe and reload the device.

Dynamic ProvisioningDynamic ProvisioningDynamic ProvisioningDynamic Provisioning

Dynamic Provisioning

Provision devices right out of the box—reducing the cost and complexity of large-scale deployments.

Windows Upgrade Analytics Service

The Windows Upgrade Analytics Service, currently in public preview, allows organizations to quickly identify and focus on any critical issues surrounding upgrades to Windows by using a cloud-based and telemetry-driven portal that provides deep insight into the organization’s apps and devices. Built on top of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite and its business intelligence reporting features, the Windows Upgrade Analytics Service provides data-driven tools to help organizations plan and manage the upgrade process end to end.

Windows upgrade resources

Of course, traditional wipe and reload deployments of Windows 10 can still be used too. Whichever path you choose, moving to Windows 10 has never been easier. Learn more about upgrading your business to Windows 10 by reading the Windows for Business FAQ or by visiting the Windows 10 Tech Center for detailed deployment guidance, resources, and forums.

"Windows 10 on a PC and Phone provides BT with a great user experience on economical devices that we can easily secure, manage and quickly innovate with Universal Windows Applications"

- Peter Scott, Director, Core IT Infrastructure